Sunday, June 29, 2008

Featuring Ethan Thomas Parsons As...

The Blue-Tongued Boy

Dennis the Menace and rufus

Daddy's Little Boy

The Artist Jackson Pollack

The Musician formerly known as ETP

The next Dancing with the Stars Champion

Ethan's New Room & Outside Fun with Friends


I have to get the new fabric to mom to make the curtains because as you can tell the old one no longer matches. That is the only green wall, the other 3 are a khaki color.

(L to R) Calvin, Ethan, and Nick

Ethan and his friends enjoying the pool. They had a blast!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day Weekend was very busy for us. Brian and I were both off on Friday and painted the downstairs. This is the first of several projects around the house.

One color down...two more to go.

Poor Kamdin...He sat against the wet wall twice and got paint on his fur. After that he hardly left this spot.

This color is called Bayside. We painted two walls in the living room with it. The other two are mochachino.

The finished product. The mochachino is in both rooms. The den is a seafoam green shade to compliment the blue in the living room. We are pleased with it!

Saturday morning we went to Saluda Shoals Park to play in the splash area and playground. Everyone had a blast.

Of course, Ethan and Daddy had to take a break for a snack.

Saturday afternoon we had a neighborhood block party. The family hosting it (Ryan, Stephanie, and Aubrey - pictured with Ethan) were very nice. We found out that Aubrey and Ethan go to the same daycare. She will be moving into his class in a month.

Sunday morning...Ethan making Daddy "cinman roll".

Coloring Daddy's card and envelope.

My boys!

Our family Sunday morning before church.

Ethan and his new swimming pool. He was perfectly content playing in it without any water last night. I doubt that will last long:-)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! Thank you to all the dads out there that make our families complete!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Trip to the Upstate

Last weekend we went to visit family and friends in the Upstate. It was a quick trip, but we managed to fit a lot into 2 days. Friday night we got to my parents about 7:30, so needless to say Ethan was a ball of energy and did not crash until 9:30. Saturday morning it was off to Brian's parents.

Brian and Ethan riding the scooter at Granma and Granpa's.

The Morrison's (brian's sister and fam) came back a day early from vacation so we got to visit with them as well. Ethan had to wait outside for Tyler. As soon as he got out of the car, this is what commenced and lasted for several minutes. We never found out why the conversation was so serious.

Ethan and Nathan playing trucks.

After leaving The Parsons' headed back to The Thornhill's we made a detour to see Carly and baby Davis. Of course, Ethan found toys to play with, a giraffe and 2 elephants. He decided that Davis needed the giraffe and was giving it to him.

Carly and I are laughing because Ethan's little hand was patting Davis' back the entire time he "held" him.

I can officially announce that I am going to be an aunt!!!! Valerie and Neal are expecting a baby the end of December/first of January. So, Ethan had to go shopping and gave Baby Satterfield his/her first gift!

We also took a tub full of maternity clothes to Aunt Val and while we were looking through them Ethan decided to hand out clothes. He took the swimsuit top (which he is wearing in the picture), gave the bottoms to Uncle Neal, and gave a blouse to Daddy. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of Uncle Neal and Brian sporting their attire.

Ethan and Pepaw watching Jungle Book, the newest fascination, and eating M&M's.

All together, it was a great weekend! This weekend Brian and I are starting house projects beginning with painting the living room, den, and Ethan's room. Then on to crown molding and in a couple weeks hardwood floors. I will post before and after pictures of each project.

Happy Father's Day to all our wonderful dads!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Water Fun and a New Park

We went to Saluda Shoals Park today with a friend, Nick, to play in the Splash Area. It was awesome! It has sprinklers, buckets that dump out water on your heads, trees that spray get the point. Ethan had an absolute blast!

Ethan slowly checked out everything before he decided where to play.

Our friend, Nick, checking out the sprinklers.

Ethan and Nick both loved these sprinklers. They did not spray too hard, too fast, or too high...they were perfect.

This is the playground beside the splash area. I love that it is covered.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Embroidery and Monogramming

This past Saturday my mom came to visit and we held an open house. Check out some of the cool items. If you are interested in anything, let me know. This is just a sample of what she has and can get.

These are 2 items I got. The large tote ($25 with monogram) is great for overnight travel or beach trips. The smaller is a comestic bag ($23 with monogram) with 2 additional bags inside that velcro down so they don't fall out.

The travel mug is $17.95 with monogram and the soap dispenser is $14 with monogram. You can pick your fabric and it is easy to pull out and change for seasons, holidays, or special occasions.

This hand towel is $10 with monogram and comes in white or ivory.

The slippers are $20 with monogram and come in a variety of colors. Behind them are a small and large cosmetic bag. The small is $13.50 and the large is $15 with an initial monogram.

Memorial Weekend

L to R: Ethan, Owen, and Noah

Ethan running to meet "Aunt" Kelly

Owen and Ethan with the newest addition to the Davey Clan, Sean

The Girls: Stephanie, Alicia, and Kelly

We went to Charleston Memorial weekend for a wedding and had a chance to catch up with some friends. We were only there for 29 hours but had a blast!